Saturday, April 25, 2009


Madison's favorite words right now are "don't" and "ouch." If I tell her not to do something she'll walk up to me and say "don't" just plain as day. She is such a busy little girl. She loves to follow Pieper and Adriana around and "hang out" with them as Adriana has termed it. She still loves to eat and her favorite foods are pizza, mashed potatoes, and cheese. Of course she'll eat anything, which is obvious if you look at her monster thighs, which are so fun to squeeze. She loves music and whenever we put a CD on she will start to bounce up and down and turn around. She is jabbering so much and it's funny to listen to her because I think she thinks she is really talking. She loves to go outside but I don't like her to very often because her favorite thing to do is go up and down the block stairs, which makes me so nervous. We have a big backyard for her to explore and she decides to stay at the stairs. She is such a happy baby (unless it's nap time) and such a joy to have in our family.

3 going on 16

I asked Pieper to take the calculator to Jeff and she grabbed it from and then she started pushing all the buttons really fast. I said, "Pieper, hurry and take that to Dad he needs to use it." She looked at me and said, "Just a minute I'm texting really fast." What??????? How old is she...and how in the world does she know about texting? I just learned about six months ago how to do it and here my little 3 year old is pretending that she's texting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Story Continues...

Last night Jeff and I were talking about how he feels so old because he has grey hair and about what had happened a few days ago (refer to previous post) and he was laughing at how Chris didn't say anything about Jeff not being his dad. Jeff said, "It would have been so easy for him to just nicely correct him and tell him that it's not his dad." I started to laugh because it reminded me of a contractor that Jeff has done quite a bit of work for. For some reason he got it in his head that Jeff's name was Jerry. So while they were walking around a job site one day he kept saying, "What do you think about this Jerry? How would this look over here Jerry." Jeff never corrected him because he didn't want him to feel bad. It's been over a year and every time Jeff talks to the contractor he still gets called Jerry but he has never corrected him.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jeff's "New" Son

Jeff came home the other day and had the funniest story to tell me. I thought some of you might enjoy this story as much as I did.

Chris, one of the guys that works with us, was picking up some paver samples for Jeff. The owner of the company came out and asked Chris if he could get his Dad's phone number. Chris was a little caught off guard because he wasn't sure how the owner knew his dad. Once again the owner said, "Can I get your dad's number. Jeff's your dad right?" Chris didn't feel like explaining that no Jeff wasn't his dad but he simply shook his head and said yes and then gave him the phone number. So a few minutes later the owner of the company called Jeff and said, "We just got your son all loaded up with the pavers so you should be good to go."

Jeff couldn't quit laughing after he got off the phone. I am a little surprised that Jeff was taking it so lightly because he is so self-conscious of his grey hair. What's funny is that Chris is actually a year older than Jeff. Jeff said, "I must look really old and Chris must look really young."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buster Brown

I took Harrison and Parker to Famous Footwear yesterday to find some new church shoes. Much to Harrison's disappointment (and my excitement) he still has to buy shoes in the "little kids" section. After trying on several pairs of shoes we finally decided on a pair that were a great price and seemed to fit him the best. As we were walking out of the store Harrison said, "Please don't tell any of my friends that my church shoes are called Buster Brown because I will be so embarrassed."

My Babies are Getting so Big!

I am sure we can all remember back to the days when we were younger and wanted a piece of clothing or a certain type of shoes that were the "in" thing at the time. I always wanted a pair of Girbaud jeans and I think I finally got them about two years after they were no longer popular but that didn't matter to me. Well my boys just informed me that the cool thing right now at their school is shirts from Aeropostal. They can't just say "Aero" they need to say the whole name. So since we had to take a trip to the mall anyway for church shoes I decided to take them into Aeropostal for a quick look. They were so excited. I didn't think they would have anything that fit them but surprisingly enough they did. Harrison fits into their XS shirts. While I was looking at their shirts Harrison and Parker were talking back and forth.

Parker: "So these shirts are pretty cool."
Harrison: "Ya, Bryson wears them all the time."
Parker: "We are going to look awesome in these."
Harrison: "Ya, I can't wait."

So I broke down and bought them a couple shirts. Parker's shirts are a little long but the sales lady reassured us that they would shrink. He wore one today even though I didn't have a chance to shrink it. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he needed to wait to wear it.