Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adriana's Birthday

Adriana's birthday is coming up and she has informed me that all she wants is Taylor Swift Concert tickets and a backstage pass. That's a pretty tall order and I hope she's not too disappointed with just concert tickets and no backstage pass. She absolutely LOVES Taylor Swift. The other day one of her songs came on the radio and Adriana started to sing along. After the song was over she said, "I sound just like her don't I mom." I can't wait to see her face when I tell her that she's going to the concert. She has been asking me everyday if she can go for her birthday and I wanted to tell her so bad but instead I told her that I heard that all the tickets were gone. She thought about it for a minute and said, "Then can I watch it on TV instead?" Harrison quickly informed her that it wouldn't be on TV, which made her very disappointed. I like Taylor Swift as well so I'm looking forward to the concert.

Madison Update

Madison is such a fun little girl but she is currently going through a phase of wanting to be held. I don't mind holding her but she wants to be on my lap for two seconds and then she gets down and then she wants up again only to turn around and get down. Hopefully she will grow out of this stage soon. She loves to back up to things and sit down on them. If I am sitting on the floor she will walk backwards and sit on my lap. If she finds anything that is at her level she will back up to it and sit down. She is learning new words every day. Some of the new things she has learned are "hot, shoes, nose, Harrison, more, cheese, uh-huh, side (for outside), and bath." She still loves to be outside and has recently discovered the swings. She loves to be pushed in the swing and she actually doesn't mind just sitting there and hanging out without anybody pushing her. She has also discovered dogs and whenever she sees one she will start to bark and try and "pet" them (she usually just pulls their hair but in a loving way). She still has the fattest (is that even a word???) feet ever and I have only been able to find two pairs of shoes that don't squeeze her feet a bunch and leave marks. She is such a fun little girl and definitely keeps us on our toes.

Pieper's "Upcoming" Birthday

Pieper is always talking about her birthday and acts as if it's just around the corner, but it's not. The other day she was talking about it again and said, "Mom for my birthday I want a bathroom." I asked her what she was going to do with a bathroom and where she would put it and she said, "I'd put it in my room so I don't have to walk very far when I need to use it."