Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pieper's Christmas Dance

This is the dance that Pieper did for Christmas. The recital was held at the Festival of Trees. There were quite a few people there so at first I thought she might be too nervous to do it but she did a great job and had a fun time.

Football Players

For Christmas Santa brought Harrison and Parker complete football outfits with everything they need to be "professional" football players. Parker was so excited he wore it all day every day for at least a week. A couple nights I even found him in bed with his helmet on. They can't wait for warmer weather so they can use them in a game of football.

Now That's Thinking

For Christmas Adriana and Pieper got a four foot tall Barbie doll house. They love it so much and play with it quite a bit. One day I was picking up after Pieper and this is what I found...

This Barbie is sleeping in the kitchen on a night stand that Pieper moved from the bedroom. If you look closely you can see that Barbie has her sunglasses on. I guess the flourescent lights must be pretty bright.
This Barbie is laying (or lying...Brett which is it?) across the the couch. She actually looks like she is floating in the air but she's not. For some reason Pieper thought she would be more comfortable there than in her bed.

I guess she couldn't find a blanket to cover the Barbie with so she just put a dresser on top of her so she would stay warm.

Best Legs Ever

I took these pictures after Madison got out of the bath. I love her fat cheeks and I especially love her chubby, rolly, legs. Aren't they the best ever. It's no wonder I have to buy bigger pants...I can't fit them over her monster thighs.

Chug, Chug, Chug

The kids started teasing Madison one day because she drinks her bottle so fast. Harrison and the other kids started to chant "chug, chug, chug, chug." Madison thought it was funny and began to copy what they were doing.

Girl's vs Boy's

Adriana decided it would be a good idea to have a bathroom for the boys and one for the girls so she made signs. The boy's bathroom sign was on the master bathroom door and the girl's bathroom sign was on the main bathroom door. Pieper took the signs literally and would not use the "boy's" bathroom. One day she had to go so bad but someone was in the "girl's" bathroom and she just about wet her pants. It took quite a while for me to convince her that it was okay to use the "boy's" bathroom in an emergency. When she came out she was laughing. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Now I'm a boy!" I left the signs up for about a week but then I had to take them down because it was causing too many problems with Pieper. She would actually get mad if someone went into the "wrong" bathroom.

Silly Boys

The other day we were at the Olive Garden and while we were waiting to be seated Pieper looked over at the men's bathroom and said, "Look that boy's naked." Jeff and I looked over to see what she was talking about and realized that she was talking about the men's bathroom sign. I had never noticed before but on the women's bathroom sign the lady is wearing a dress but on the men's it looks like he really isn't wearing anything. You'll have to look next time. It's amazing how little kid's minds work because I would have never noticed it before.