Saturday, May 8, 2010

4 going on 16

Pieper is so emotional lately I am really getting nervous about what my life is going to be like when she's a teenager. The other night she had a melt down because she had picked out three pairs of pajamas and she couldn't decide which one to wear. This is how the conversation went (keep in mind that she was crying the entire time she was talking to me):

Pieper: I don't know which ones to wear.
Me: Wear the Spongebob ones because they're really cute.
Pieper: I know but I like the other ones too because they keep me warm.
Me: Well then just wear the warmest ones.
Pieper: But I like them all and the Spongebob ones will feel bad.
Me: Then wear all three of them.
Pieper: Then I'll get really hot.

At that point I was at a loss for words so I didn't even respond. She ended up crying herself to sleep on the kitchen floor with all the pajamas by her side. So as it turned out she didn't wear any of them.

Birthday Wishes

Adriana's birthday is coming up soon and I asked her the other day what she wanted and this was her response: "I would like a new pair of shoes...(pause for a couple minutes) and LOVE." I thought she was making a joke but she was dead serious. I asked her what she meant by love and she said, "Well Parker isn't very nice to me most of the time so I thought maybe he could show me that he loved me by making me breakfast in bed."

So I'm going to have to do some bribing in order to get Parker to show her some "love."