Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once There Was a Snowman

Madison's favorite song right now is "Once There Was a Snowman." She knows all the words to the song and will not sing it without doing the actions. Once we start singing it we usually end up singing it at least five or six times because she won't let us quit. When she wants me to sing it she'll say, "Mom, snowman" (it's not a question it's a demand). She also likes "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See." She knows all the animals in the song and their colors but her favorite animals are the brown bear and purple cat.

Princess or Football Player

For those of you that know Madison will understand when I say that she is more like a football player than a princess but at least once a day she brings me one of our princess dresses and wants me to put it on her. It's funny to watch her walk around in it because at this time in her life she is not at all feminine. She is "beefy" and tough but so dang cute and cuddly at the same time. She loves to play princess or house with Pieper and Adriana but she also likes to play football with Harrison and Parker.

Love Note

The other day Adriana was preparing her lunch and she brought me in a note card and asked me if I would write a note for her. I asked her why I needed to write a note and she said, "Because lots of kids get notes from their moms in their lunchbox but I never get one. So will you write me one and I'll act like I'm surprised and I promise I won't read it until tomorrow." So I wrote her a note telling her how much I loved her and I like how she always helps me out. The next day after school she got into the car and she was so excited because she had gotten a note from me.
I made a comment about it to Parker and he said, "I hope you never put one in my lunch box because that would be embarrassing. I'd just throw it away." His comment really surprised me because Parker usually likes cheesy things like that. The very next morning he said in a macho sort of way, "Mom, are you going to put a note in my lunchbox?" Right then I knew that that was his little way of letting me know that in all reality he would like one as well so I've got to remember to put a love note in his lunchbox.