Friday, August 27, 2010

Half a Bike

Pieper has been wanting a bigger bike for a long time. She has grown out of her smaller one and she doesn't like that it has training wheels because she can ride a bike without them. So while we were at Walmart the other day she saw the bikes and picked out the one that she wanted to buy, which is just like the one her cousin has. She wanted to get it that very second but I told her that she needed to do some work and pay for half of it and I would pay for the other half. She gave me the meanest look and said, "But I don't want only half a bike I want a whole one."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Potty Training

We (meaning me) finally took the plunge and started potty training Madison. On Tuesday we took a trip to Walmart and bought her all the necessary supplies such as a pink toilet, the kind that you have to empty, which isn't my favorite but I figured it might be less overwhelming for her, puzzles (for entertainment), two new movies, "big girl" underwear,and some treats. We got home from the store, ate lunch, and the fun began. I put the little toilet in front of the tv in my room and I sat next to her (for four hours) until she peed on the toilet. She was so excited when she finally did it that I immediately took her to the store and bought her a new doll (that goes to the bathroom on the toilet). She has only had two accidents and they were both my fault because I had to run errands and didn't remember to ask her if she needed to go to the bathroom. But so far so good. She isn't quite 2 1/2, which is the earliest that any of my children have done it. So wish us luck that it continues on forever and ever:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeding the Ducks

The other night for FHE we decided to go to a local park and feed the ducks. It is one of Madison's favorite activities. Everything was going fine and everybody was happy breaking apart the bread and throwing it at the ducks and I was in the middle of telling Jeff what a peaceful night it was and how much I enjoyed doing family activities when Adriana started screaming. We looked over and realized that the reason she was so panicked was because Madison had reached over to throw a piece of bread at a duck that was in the water and she fell in. Luckily it wasn't very deep and so she could keep her head above water but it didn't even seem to faze her one bit. She was laying on her stomach (in between two big rocks)just chillin'. She didn't even cry at all. Jeff quickly pulled her out of the water and she said, "Wow that was crazy." We had to strip her down to her nothin's because she was soaking wet but she didn't seem to mind at all. Sadly enough I didn't have my camera with me because I know it would have made some awesome pictures!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Middle Name

Parker was helping Adriana fill out a form yesterday and he came into the office and asked me the following question and he was completely serious..."Mom on here it says middle name. What should Adriana put since she doesn't have one? Should she just make one up?"


A couple nights ago Madison looked outside and made the comment, "Somebody turned off the lights outside." We didn't have any lights on outside so I assumed that was what she was talking about but the following day we were walking into Walmart and she said, "Somebody turned the lights back on today...and they turned on the hot one." She was talking about the sun.